About Matchflow Media

Matchflow Media is an independent advertising network with hundreds of fully disclosed direct publisher relationships.

Our team of ad industry veterans match our network of websites, applications and email publishers with our unique cross-media advertising relationships.

Whether you are an advertiser looking for the right media outlet for your product or service, or a publisher looking to maximize your return via the right advertisers, Matchflow Media may be your most valuable resource in growing your business.

We are dedicated industry veterans with marketing and technical expertise in the online advertising space. Our team members have extensive experience in online ad operations, publisher development, graphic design and advertising promotion.

Each of us brings over a decade of internet business knowledge to the table. We strive to meet the needs of both advertisers and publishers looking to extend their reach in the online marketplace.

Meet The Team

Kia Stora

Chief Executive Officer, Matchflow Media

Kia oversees the day-to-day operations of Matchflow Media and spearheads its’ marketing strategy.

With over a decade of experience in online business development, Kia specializes in national and geo-targeted search engine optimization and marketing. She works with clients to monetize web properties by connecting traffic sources with appropriate advertisers. In simple terms, she is the link between your company and a potential customer browsing the web. Kia has worked in a variety of industries, including six years of international marketing experience in the music recording industry.

Malenna Young

Chief Operations Officer

Matchflow is proud to have Malenna Young as our COO. Her 10+ years in online advertising, sales and marketing brings a key experience set to the Matchflow Team of industry veterans. Her diverse skill set, specifically the ability to marry opportunities in all aspects of the online marketplace, makes her a valuable asset to advertisers and publishers alike. Malenna's influence at Matchflow spans managing both the Business Development and Sales teams while overseeing daily network ad operations.

Malenna came to Matchflow with over nine years of experience in the online industry. She specializes in the display and email verticals but also has experience in video, lead gen, mobile and media buying.

Irene Macabante

Chief Marketing Officer

Irene handles all the creative aspects for Matchflow Media and implements the marketing strategies across various channels. Irene brings to the table over 20 years of diverse experience in:

  • graphic design (print, branding)
  • web design, user experience design (UX)
  • user interface design (UI)
  • online & offline marketing

She has worked in traditional design agencies and specializes in both print and interactive design for a number of industries — health, fitness, beauty, style, culinary arts, video games, and other artistic businesses.

Curtis Fritz

Account Manager

Curtis' role within Matchflow his role is diverse — not only does he work in ad operations, but he is a central point of contact for publisher relations across multiple media and ad platforms. Operating in such a varied capacity affords Curtis the ability to capitalize on opportunities and trends as they present themselves in real-time.

Curtis brings over ten years of traditional agency and online ad experience to the team. Matchflow is happy to have him as part of our growing and talented group of online marketing professionals.

Dawson Clermont

Account Coordinator

One of our newest team members, Dawson is our Man Friday on the ops team for many different tasks. He is mainly responsible for day-to-day publisher management and traffic optimisation.

Dawson comes to team Matchflow from Vancouver Island University, where he is entering his third year majoring in Business.